The Camino in Idaho

We thought the postings for our Camino journey were over. We have been home since June 13. Most of our gear is unpacked and stored. However a few “bits and pieces” continue to remind us of our incredible journey on The Way. The last reminder is a piece of paper.

When one reaches the end of The Way at Santiago de Compostela, the first stop is usually the Pilgrim office where one receives the Certificate of Completion. While standing in the 2.5 hour line waiting to obtain our certificates, a lady from the UK stopped to talk with us. She was with an organization that welcomed English speaking pilgrims when they arrived to receive their certificates. They offered coffee, tea, conversation and help if needed in a room on the second floor of the building we were in. The lady handed us a piece of paper which went into a pocket in one of our backpacks.

The paper surfaced recently after traveling home from Spain to Boise in a backpack. A prayer is written on the paper. It refers to “our loved ones”. For all of our family and friends who journeyed on The Way with us, consider yourselves as one of “our loved ones”. We are truly blessed to have so many caring “loved ones” who walked The Way with us in our hearts. Following is the prayer.

    “We thank you, God, for bringing us safely here and for the many blessings and gifts of our pilgrimage.

    The company and kindness of strangers, the beauty of The Way, the joy of traveling light, the strength to go on even in difficulties are reminders of your presence within us and among us.

    Now that we have arrived, we remember all our loved ones, especially those who have been in our hearts and minds as we walked the Camino.  As we return home, give us courage to live in the spirit of the Camino so that we may make this world a more loving and peaceful place for everyone. 

    We make our prayer through Jesus who is The Way, the Truth and the Life.   Amen”

This posting is in memory of Pastor Moll. May his smile from Heaven touch all of our hearts.

Buen Camino…one last time.   Sharon and Ron

2 thoughts on “The Camino in Idaho

  1. and Buen Camino to you, my friends. You have enriched our lives by sharing your journey with us. We will, I hope, see you in a couple weeks when WE return to Boise!


  2. Thank you both for being you and for sharing you. Its been a treat to read, imagine and reflect on all of our blessings.

    All things are possible through Christ!

    Welcome home……Lyn and Andre


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