Eucalyptus Forests

Psalm 45:7 You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of joy above Your fellows.

Day 37 —15.17 Miles — Ribadiso de Baixo to Pedrouzo, June 3. Today was a wet day. Ponchos were needed as it rained all morning. During our 37 days on the Camino, there has only been rain on three of those mornings. We have been fortunate.

We had a new experience today. The Way led us through eucalyptus forests. The smell was very refreshing. It reminded us of walking through the pine forests in Idaho. Eucalyptus trees grow very tall and and provide shade. Their canopy also provided protection from the rain. The bark falls off the trunks in strips leaving the ground covered with thin strips to cushion our walk. The trees are not native to Spain however.

The walk was very quiet today. Heads were down and feet were plodding on the wet path. Two final memorials were placed on The Way. Cross #41 was hung on a memorial for Miguel Lamas. Cross #42 was hung on a memorial for Guillermo Watt. He had only 15 miles to walk before he died.

We reached Pedrouzo about the same time as Steve and Susan. Ed and Melissa emailed tonight. They are also staying in Pedrouzo tonight.

The final walk is tomorrow which is Pedrouzo to Santiago. Nearing the end is bittersweet. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron.

Finally….No Rain!

8 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Forests

  1. Sharon & Ron, I have followed you the entire way and I somehow feel through your beautiful writing that I have made a journey of my own. Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with me. Safe travels. Shari


  2. The final 12 miles to Santiago de Compostela is indeed bitter sweet. You will be closing this chapter of what probably is one of the biggest challenges you have ever undertaken, but you also will miss the scenery, the sites, the architecture, the foods, the shared experience and, most of all, meeting all your new Camino friends! You have done great! Buen Camino mi amigos!


  3. What a beautiful walk you have had! Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and your faith! Buen Camino my friend!


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