The Sun Will Rise

Psalm 118:24 This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Sunrise Over Palas de Rei

Day 36 — 17.01 Miles — Palas de Rei to Ribadiso de Baixo, June 2. Today was cloudy when we started to walk. The clouds made a beautiful sunrise. We would like to see a sunset in Spain but we are always asleep before the sun goes down.

The path was mostly up and down again on gravel. Gravel is good for walking. Today there were several statues and other different structures that were on The Way. We assume the structures that we are beginning to see are very old above the ground family crypts. One can see between the slats on the sides and see that the “crypts” are empty. Were the remains moved to a cemetery? We will attempt to ascertain the purpose of the structures.

We ate lunch in a peregrino park along The Way today. We sat with Steve and Susan from Valencia, Spain for a short time. We started the Camino on the same day. Steve and Susan are from the United States but they just moved to Spain. Steve loves to take pictures of flowers along The Way.

The views are still beautiful. We crossed a stream with a stone bridge and walked through a tunnel made by trees. Cross #40 was placed on an engraved stone today. The engraving said, “2nd Thessalonians 2: 1-14”

We got settled in our hostel for the night and headed to the social area which was the only cafe in town. Pismo Beach Kathy and her sister Karen from Oklahoma were there. It was a pleasant afternoon as we feel so at home with them. Later that evening, we ate with Kathy, Karen, Steve and Susan. Tomorrow morning we will all start walking in the same direction but at different times. I suspect we will all meet again.

The next stop will be in Pedrouzo. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron.

4 thoughts on “The Sun Will Rise

  1. Beautiful clouds. I know what you mean about the sunsets, I never did see one, always asleep too early 😃


  2. Clarification for you of the “crypt”: as you enter Galicia you will start noticing some interesting structures close to most homes in rural areas. These rectangular structures are granaries, called ‘hórreos’, and they are a very common construction across rural Galicia. Their function is to store grain and other food crops for the winter, keeping them dry and safe from animals, hence their slatted panels (usually in wood or stone) and height.

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  3. I also was told that the structures are drying huts. I did see many family crypts in cemeteries along the way. Because of the age of most of the churches families in small towns are often buried together in a crypt, above ground and readily available for the next generation.
    Buen Camino!


  4. Those little buildings remind me of similar structures we saw high up in the alps in Switzerland. We were told they were storage huts built off the ground to protect food from the little varmints. Maybe?

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