The Enchanted Way and A Prayer

Mark 11:24   Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.  

Day 33 — 14.18 Miles — Fillobal to Sarria, May 30.  Today was a special day. It is the last day before we walk into Sarria.  Beginning tomorrow, the number of Camino pilgrims will increase substantially.  We will probably not have quiet walks down the path together as The Way will become crowded with new pilgrims.  If one begins to walk in Sarria, the same completion certificate is issued as someone who begins to walk from St Jean Pied de Port, France.  Numerous people choose the easier Way. 

The Enchanted Way began within a few steps of leaving the hostel.  The sun was just starting to rise and shine a filtered light through the trees.  We were the only ones on The Way.  The majority of the path today was shaded.  The air was cool and fresh within the shade of many very large trees.  A chestnut tree in the village of Ramil caught our attention immediately upon seeing it.  The diameter of the truck is more than 8 meters.  There are many irregularities in the trunk.  It is estimated to be over 800 years old.

Green at the End of the Tunnel of Trees

We would walk through tunnels of green only to come out at the other end to very soft green fields.  This was repeated throughout the day.  We would walk for long periods of time and not see another person.  In the late morning, there was a split in the path.  A new option was to continue going straight down a paved road or veer right on the original Camino.  We chose the original Camino therefore we veered to the right and continued on a gravel path.  Again, we were alone.  We continued down the  enchanted Way for about two or three miles until a fork in the road occurred.  There was no yellow arrow to point us in the correct direction.  Should we take the left or the right fork in the road?  There were no houses or farms near the path and no traffic. Choosing the wrong path could add miles to an already long walk.

There were few boot footprints on the right fork.  Ron decided to walk down the left fork to look for boot prints while I stayed at the beginning and checked my feet.  After putting my boots on, I said a prayer asking for the Lord’s guidance in choosing the correct path.  I had no sooner said, “Amen”  then an elderly lady with two dogs walked around a curve in the road about three feet from me.  I said, “Camino aqui?” and pointed to the left.  She said, “Si, Camino” and pointed to the left. The elderly lady was given cross #38.  I petted her dogs and took her picture.   She smiled and walked away down the road. We never saw her again but she was heaven sent. We continued our on the Enchanted Way until we walked into the town of Sarria.

Sarria in the Distance

At the end of the day tomorrow, there should be less than 100 kilometers left to walk.  The next stop is in Portomarín.   Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron

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